Hi, there!

Samy Mkacher

I’m Samy Mkacher, a French Udemy Instructor with over 15,000 students! You can see all of my courses here!


When I started studying Philosophy at the Sorbonne, in Paris, I never expected that a couple of years down the line, I would have thousands of students! Philosophy is an amazing topic, but after a few years studying very theoretical topics, I noticed that I still didn’t know anything specific! 

So instead of starting my PhD in Berlin as it was all sweetly planned, I decided to work in the IT world and create my own start-ups. Obviously, it was a complete failure!

But during this period, I noticed a pattern: I would constantly hire people (and therefore lose my money) to do things that I could have done myself if I ever took the time to learn these skills! For example in programming, web development, etc.

And obviously, it all made sense. What it costs you to pay someone is much higher than what it would cost you to actually learn it! It sounds paradoxical but that’s because you basically pay for experience & skills, and not just for knowledge.

So don’t forget; even though you think you *know* something doesn’t mean that you have the skills & experience associated with it, at least until you’ve practiced it a lot! It’s basically the old fight of knowledge vs. experience!

Once I started learning programming topics, such as C, C++, C#, Python, I felt amazing! I was much more in control of what I could do without paying a dime to anyone else! And that’s the great thing with Udemy. You’ll get super long courses on concrete topics, instructor support and everything you will ever need to reach an intermediate level.


As of now, my goal on samymkacher.com is to bring you a lot of cool courses at an affordable price.

Some students think that knowledge should be free, but remember what it takes an instructor to create a 20+ hours course on a technical topic, and what it takes him to answer all the questions in the QA, etc. You would not tell a classroom instructor that he shouldn’t be paid because knowledge should be free!

Anyway, I hope you’ll enjoy all of my courses!

See you soon,