How to get a $0.0005 CPC with Facebook ads

What you want to achieve:

As you can guess, it’s impossible to have both quantity and quality at the same time unless you’re some kind of magician. You have to make a choice. In our case, the choice is pretty clear; we want:

  • low CPC because we don’t like to waste money
  • lot of likes because it helps to build social proof

Basically, we want as many real likes as possible at the cheapest price possible. I’m specifying that these are real likes for a reason. You can buy fake likes at various places on the internet, but:

  1. They won’t be factored by Facebook’s reach algorithms since they’ll consider these fake likes as junk
  2. You’ll just be wasting a lot of money and effort for nothing
  3. You’ll potentially look suspicious to your real followers & likers

The method:

The idea behind the method is quite simple:

  • do not compete where it’s expensive (basically, most developed countries)
  • compete where it’s cheap (basically, developing & third-world countries)

Simple, right? But how do we implement that?

  1. We have to locate places with cheap CPC (you can find the list on Jerry Banfield’s site)
  2. We have to target them exclusively (otherwise, they’ll get mixed and you won’t be able to know what’s cheap and what’s expensive)


This strategy is excellent if you want to build social proof. No question that it has its limitations when it comes to increase your reach and boost your position on EdgeRank. But that was not the goal in the first place, anyway. What you wanted from the get-go was a cheap and fast way to increase how potential customers perceive you. And social perception is not something that can be measured very effectively.

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